Free Radicals Production

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Who we are

Free Radicals Production is a small web production company formed in 2019 by web developer and software engineer Mika Sadler with artist and graphic designer Goshee. From technical CRM integrations to web layout and logo design, we have it covered.

Technology & Integrations

We build all our websites on the latest version of WordPress which we can either host or you can host yourselves.

We can provide integrations with various 3rd party systems – either on a case by case basis – or based on our own experience. We have built extensive integrations between WooCommerce, MailChimp, Administrate, SharePoint, plus others.

Whatever the needs of your business we can utilise WordPress as the hub of your content publishing requirements,

Phoenix Yoga – London

Phoenix Yoga needed a website rapidly. We were able to assemble all the content together and integrate with the school’s booking platform quickly and are now supporting the website while rolling out iterative improvements.

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